That’s me: Nicholas Quah — Writer, Niche Media Entrepreneur, Podcast Guy



Proprietor, Hot Pod Media

I write, edit, and publish the leading trade newsletter about the podcast industry. Check it out.

Contributing Writer, New York Magazine and Vulture

Appropriately, I cover podcasting for Vulture, New York Magazine’s entertainment vertical. Archives here.


I’m based in New Haven, CT, going back and forth from New York. Though, I’m on the road a lot. I’m originally from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which I’ll always call home.

Based on a combination of luck, opportunity, and straight-up curiosity, I have been able to carve out a strong niche writing, analyzing, and gathering information about the emerging podcast industry — how it grows, how it’s finding itself, and how it relates to the wider media universe. Hot Pod is my main platform, and I’ve been pumping it out since November 2014, but my work generally take many forms.

Before starting Hot Pod Media, I worked for a different media companies: Business Insider, BuzzFeed, and Panoply Media. Before that, I briefly worked at a tech startup.

And before that, I did a Master’s program at the University of Chicago, where I studied sociological research methods and focused my attention on the informal systems of professional development in certain creative industries.

And before that, I was an undergraduate at Wesleyan University, which I initially attended to study film, but ended up reading a ton of books about history, economics, and political science.

In general, I spend most of my time thinking about media, technology, and business creation. But I’m also considerably interested in movies, sports, international travel, and the politics and economics of Southeast Asia (where I’m from).



Find me on: LinkedIn or Twitter
Write me at: nwquah (at) gmail


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